A Message from Our Principal

Welcome to April, fabulous Fine Arts families!

Testing, testing, testing 3-8! It is that time of year when we take a look at how our students are progressing through state testing. Not only does this help us see progress in student growth in comparison with other students of similar grades and demographics, but it also helps give us a view of how our teaching efforts are supporting the academic growth of our students. Testing will be over the second and third week of April this year, with make-ups available for those who may have missed a testing day over these weeks.

We greatly appreciate your support in helping your students be prepared; this will help give us a clear picture of their success and our teaching efforts. Preparation includes a good night’s sleep, healthy food, 100% attendance, and helping your child relax and avoid being stressed out about the tests. They are just a measuring stick to help us know how we can support your child’s academic growth over the next year.

We truly appreciate your support during these next few weeks, and we look forward to sharing the results with you in the future.

Additionally, we are approaching the end of the year, with just over thirty days left of school! Not only is it testing season, but it is also the season of performances, quarter assemblies, art shows, and special events for our students here at Fine Arts, especially our eighth graders as they finish their Fine Arts careers over the next month.

I look forward to seeing you at any of our events you can attend, and I hope this last month and a half of school remains a positive one for each child and family.


Robert Manahan

Robert W. Manahan Ed.D., Principal