A Message from Our Principal

Hello Falcon Families!

Happy October! We begin this month with Parent-Teacher conferences (October 3-7), followed by Fall Break (October 10-14). Isn’t it nice that we’re finally experiencing cooler temperatures? Last month when I mentioned “slightly cooler weather” the very next day we hit record high.…this time I’m confident the nice weather is here to stay!

Confidence is what I’m hoping you are seeing from your children. Our Falcon staff is doing a great job encouraging your children, instilling them with the knowledge that they can achieve anything with just a little bit of persistence and determination.

Thank you for continuing to practice safety during arrival and dismissal times. You are all doing a great job getting your children to school in a timely manner, and your children’s teachers and I appreciate this. To those of you I see in the morning in the student drop-off line, I am especially appreciative of your patience with other drivers as well as the quick “Good Morning!” and “Have a nice day!” Such a pleasant way to start my day! It truly is a Great Day to be a Falcon…Every Day!

Kind regards,

      Cathie Sylvester

      Cathie Sylvester, Principal