A Message from Our Principal

Welcome, Falcon families, to the month of May!

Such an amazing time to look back and see the growth that has occurred in our students. I am so appreciative of the support from all of you and proud of the efforts our students have made this 2023–2024 school year. While working with 850 students is not always the “smoothest” ride, I can honestly say that our students here at Fine Arts Academy are of exceptional character and talent and continue to strive to do their best. Thank you for your efforts in working with your children and helping them be successful.

Lots of activities this last month as well! Kindergarten and 8th grade promotion ceremonies; national junior high induction ceremony; performances in dance, music, band, and our art show! All are a great showcase of the talents and efforts our students have put forth this year.

Finally, a personal thank you to all our Fine Arts community. I was hired this year as an interim principal – meaning one year only. I retired in 2021 and came back to do this interim principalship at Fine Arts. It has been a blast! Next year, our Assistant Principal Steven Rickert will move into the principalship. I am confident he will do an amazing job and appreciate all of you lending him the kind of support I received this year.

I wish everyone an amazing summer with a bright 2024–2025 school year ahead!


Robert Manahan

Robert W. Manahan Ed.D., Principal