A Message from Our Principal

Dear Falcon Families,

It’s February, and there are so many things to love this time of year. As always, I love seeing your children walk the hallways of Fine Arts with smiles on their faces, whether they are on their way to class, lunch, art, music, dance, band…you name it, and they are happy. Have you taken the opportunity to listen to your children read out loud, proud of the progress they are making? We just had our Middle School New Year’s dance, and I absolutely love how gorgeous and handsome your children are! They came in their fancy clothes; they were so well-behaved as they danced the night away. Love it! 

Watching your Falcon student-athletes is always inspiring. This season we have boys’ soccer and girls’ softball. Try to catch a game.

It's a great day to be a Falcon…every day!

Kind regards,

      Cathie Sylvester

      Cathie Sylvester, Principal