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Damage Protection Plan

If you have an interest in purchasing the damage protection plan for your student’s device, please contact the front office. IT will inspect the device and if all is good, we will call you to come in and sign the contract and pay the $29 fee to start the policy. Please note that the policy does not cover lost items. 

Out-Of-Class Expectations

Here at Fine Arts Academy, we give students the opportunity to practice their citizenship skills in a less structured environment before school, at lunch and recess, and after school. However, we monitor the students during these times to provide a safe environment for all students. Outside of the classroom, we expect students to conduct themselves in a way that respects the rights and safety of others.

These expectations include:

  • Respecting the learning environment around them and staying in their own personal space.
  • Walking appropriately in the hallways, breezeways, cafeteria, and/or sidewalks.
  • Walking to and from school in a safe, orderly fashion, using designated crosswalks.
  • Adhering to all playground designations and expectations and playing safely with others.

PBL Highlight

Fine Arts teachers are collaborating to create a school-wide environment where classrooms become studios, museums, concert halls, and other art venues. In doing so, students will learn about the many career options that match their talents, skills, and interests. Stay tuned for updates on our progress!

Character Development

My day depends on me!

  1. Are my thoughts helping me or hurting me?
  2. I am always communicating through my body language.
  3. I show up positively for myself and the people around me.

Arizona Parental Rights Handbook

The liberty of parents to direct the upbringing, education, health care, and mental health of their children is a fundamental right. To learn more about your rights as a parent, please read our Arizona parental rights handbook in its entirety.